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These actors are killing me and I’m dying sweetly.

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Misha’s first days on twitter

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"I try to use my twitter following, if at all possible, for evil."

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the thing that touches me the most about Misha i think is that inherently he is just such an astoundingly generous person. not just in a like, material way, with like Random Acts or his tireless dedication to con appearances  or how he shares so many parts of his life and creative mind with us through twitter and other projects, but he is also just so emotionally generous? not only in the endless appreciation he offers us, but in the way that he feels everything with us. he feels when we’re upset, he feels when we’re happy, he feels when we’re torn between the two. he feels with us both on a mass fandom scale but also one on one. if you’ve had the opportunity to meet him you know how sincerely he will regard even in the briefest of conversations if he sees it means a lot to you, how even if he might not understand why you love him so much when you say it, he understands that you do love, and he loves you back for it. he may not always understand everything we feel for him and because of him and because of Cas, but he understands that we do feel, and he always carries it with him in such an emotionally generous way, as he shares any burdens with us, boosts any happiness with us, tries to help us negotiate pleasure with pain. he just feels so much for us and i feel so much for him ;A;

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Sit down, children, Misha has a story to tell us! Sounds to me like he and theorlandojones nearly got into a little trouble!

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